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Are you serious about turning your talent for making music into a career?

Introducing gigomi
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Each week I talk with an artist or a music industry executive about their experience of:

  • How the music industry really works, and:

  • What you must do to give yourself the best chance of breaking into it

    • To make a good living 

    • And Build a good life

    • While creating the fantastic music you were put on earth to create

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I’m Dave Holley, I’ve worked in the music industry for 30+ years.

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I have a network of friends (and friends of friends) who have built successful careers as artists or helped develop the careers of many of the biggest UK names on the world music scene.

There is not much that they don’t know between them.

When added together, this network has thousands of years of experience. 

If you are an up and coming musician and serious about breaking into the music industry & carving out a long term career you couldn’t hope for a better team of advisors.

I started gigomi to share the knowledge, insights & advice of this network with you.

I’ve put together a free introductory mini-course:

Learn how the music industry really works…. in just 25 minutes.

I suggest you sign up for and start that course right now. You can do so here:

Take our free music mini-course

How to understand the music industry in 25 minutes

A five day course, each section is 5 minutes long. Each day I will email you a section of the course which includes an audio file you can listen to on your phone.

Mini Course

Listen to these podcasts

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#4 KT Tunstall

KT has built a successful career but admits that the life of a gigging musician can be very hard. She offers advice on how to get the right team around you.

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#3 Paul McDonald

Do you want to know more about what a manager does and how they can help you achieve your ambitions in your music career? 

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#2 Phil Nelson

What you need to do to earn the attention of the managers, the agents, the labels and the other people who can help you supercharge your career.

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